Saturday, October 30, 2010


My kids had such a great time with Halloween this year.

Poor Karen and Josh had to work today, so Aiden got to spend his first Halloween with Grandma & Grandpa. Karen was really bummed, and asked me to please celebrate with him. I told her that we'd take him Trick or Treating with Michael. :)

This costume was first worn by his daddy way back in 1990. :) It was then worn by just about each of the kids in turn. Now it has started on the grandkids. I wonder how long this outfit will last?! I have certainly gotten my money's worth out of it. He was such a cute little leopard! :)

And these characters are Emily, Michael, and Matt.

Emily said that she didn't know who she was, and that this was just a random costume. I think she looks like she is straight out of a Dr. Seuss book! :) Michael was Harry Potter, complete with the scar, however, he did not like the Harry Potter glasses and opted for his own shades to complete his costume instead. :) Matt worked on his costume throughout the week, putting this robe with that mask. (I have a wicker hamper full of costumes collected through the years that my kids get to choose from for Halloween. We add to it as the we find something cool. :) He chose to be "Death", A.K.A. The Grim Reaper, and then one day added the hat just to be funny. It was the creepiest thing ever!! So he decided to stick with it. He loved his costume... until he made two little kids run away crying. Then he said he "felt like a jerk". Poor kid. He is such a good person and loves kids.

Jared won 3rd in Improptu and 3rd in Congress today at a Speech and Debate competition. He is really talented and loves competing. Great job, Jared!! :)

And Amber worked at both of her jobs today. She started at a sandwich shop today and loved it. Yay! And she also works in a local restaurant. She is preparing to move out in January if everything goes well. She is done with all of her high school credits (she is a senior) except needing 1 term of English 11 that she needs to repeat; she didn't do so well with it when she got mono last year. After that, she is finished with high school and is free to just concentrate on her culinary arts class. I'm so proud of her hard work! She is doing so well.

Josh got a raise last week. Yay!! And Karen is working her tail off trying to get her diploma with her class this year. Lots of hard work, but she is doing great!

How blessed am I?! :)

Happy Halloween to all of you!

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  1. Sounds like a fun Halloween. And your kids are all doing is good isn't it? :)