Friday, October 29, 2010

Great ideas!!

I really love the blog Be Different... Act Normal! She must scour the web for the cutest crafts and recipes! These are some of my favorites from her more recent ideas: (don't worry about clicking on the link and losing my blog! A new window will apear for each link :)

Acorn Treats (nilla wafers, hershey kisses, and a dab of icing for the "stem". Whoda thunk it up??

These nachos would be a hit at my house!! Seven layer been dip Halloween style!

Witch leg decorations, super cute! My favorite is the ribbon leg door decoration. :)

And of course we need to have some *healthy* Halloween treats too!

And who could resist these cinnamon swirl pancakes with buttermilk syrup?? I want to try these... and SOON!

Happy Halloween!

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