Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Portrait of a Goof Ball

Yesterday morning I got up and started playing with photos, reading blogs, and listening to the kids plan out their day.

I saw someone else's self-portrait and thought of what a goof-ball I am with self portraits. Remember these?

And even my portrait for my blog is me in my apron, scurrying around trying to get the last minute Christmas stuff done up. I even took one pic of me immediately after getting home from anniversary-ing for the weekend with Steve to show that I really *can* look relaxed sometimes. :)

I was the person in high school that, while most members of my College Prep English class were reading a lofty classic, read Charlotte's Web and found symbolism in it. :D

In college the teacher asked for a compare/contrast essay. I compared and contrasted Disney's Belle from Beauty and the Beast to Jasmine from Alladin. Yep, I'm a goof-ball. (The teacher was ecstatic, much to my surprise and delight. He announced to the class he was looking forward to my essay because he'd grown tired of hearing toothpastes and orange juices written about.)

And I'm actually considering of submitting this pic to a gardening blog photo contest:

Yep, a goof-ball.

At 11:30, as I was sitting at the computer, still in my pjs with my hair and teeth unbrushed, my visiting teachers showed up. ("Visiting teachers" are a pair of ladies assigned to each woman in my church to look after each member.) Oops. It is a good thing I'm a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of a person, or that would have ruined my week. I was glad to see that the house was more or less straightened up. I laughed and told them that they'd caught me. :) They laughed and seemed perfectly at ease in my lived-in house. I'm glad that they are down to earth ladies. Later in the visit my daughter Amber brought in some cinnamon rolls that she had made. "Food makes everything better," Amber later told me when I thanked her. It is a truth, too!

After they left I started puttering around the house and started feeling crummy again. So the kids pitched in and helped with food, chores, watching Michael, etc. etc. etc. and we all enjoyed another semi-day-off watching LOST. Kids milled in and out of my bedroom (where LOST was playing), stayed for an episode or so, and then milled back out to play with friends or play outside together. I think Amber was the only one who stayed with me the whole time, because we are both very wrapped up in Season 4 right now. ( has all of the LOST episodes and many other tv shows too. :)

Today we have a kid birthday party to take Emily and Matt to. It is Steve's nephew's birthday today. (Happy Birthday, M!) My goal is to get ready and go drop them off and see if I feel better today. My body's immunity isn't so great this year. I can't believe that I caught another bug. On the bright side, at least I discovered LOST first! :) Jared and Matt were both complaining of their stomachs hurting last week. They must have caught something and brought it home. I wish they'd just bring me chocolate instead.

It looks like another beautiful day out there! I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest!


  1. 11:30 and still in your pajamas...yup, I'm with you on that one! So refreshing to hear other mamas do that too and that it's normal!

  2. I felt that way all day today. I wonder if it could have come through the phone to me :) I just sat around quilting and listening to a Harry Potter book on audio.

    Love the self portraits by the way ;)

  3. I love your self portraits! I'm going to have to try some wacky stuff like that. I have to tell you... your nose is absolutely adorable!~

    I hope you are feeling better!