Sunday, June 20, 2010

Entry for Gardening Gone Wild's Photo Contest for June

I was going to wait until noon on Monday to make my submission, but the anticipation is killing me.

To choose, I found three that I loved: the lighting is good, the material interesting, the composition nice. I've left just those three up on my monitor for the past few days, scrolling from pic to pic, and leaving each up for awhile to see if I'd grow tired of it. After a couple of days of that, this is the one I've chosen:

I love this one best for its energy: the lavender's branches that wildly go in all directions seem to emit an energy by portraying action.

I love it for its lighting and color: not underexposed and dark, not overexposed and blown out, but just right. The colors (at least on my monitor. this has been my bane! colors appear different on any given monitor. grrr.) are vibrant.

I love it for its composition: maybe this has a lot to do with how I planted the plants in the beginning :), but I love how the plants appear separate and distinct, yet blend together so well with color and texture. And one more thing: I'm not sure why there is the soft, fuzziness in the middle of the lavender; perhaps it is some cotton from the cottonwoods that blew there, but I love the softness just in that one spot.

AND, I haven't grown tired of it yet! In fact, I'm thinking of printing out a physical copy for my kitchen, and decoupaging a wooden frame with seed packages from oregano, sage, and lavender. :)

Thanks so much to those who have told me their favorites. And for those of you who still wish to participate, I stand firm on giving you a 4"x6" to tell me which pic you would have chosen. :) Take a look at this post to get the details.

I hope that you all have a lovely day!

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