Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Photo Contest & Photo Give Away

It's that time again: Time to figure out which pic to send in to's Photo Contest.

This one is a little different than the others. The theme is "The Best Frame You Have Ever Created". It is supposed to be my favorite pic I've ever taken. The one that I think is my best ever. Hmmmm. It is like picking a favorite child. I have created each of them, so I love each one for its own distinct personality.

Anyway, though you can't pick my favorite, I'd love to hear which is *your* favorite. So what I'll do is give you the link to each of the monthly compilations I've made for past photo contests.

I feel like this one will take more time for each of you to do, so I want to somehow repay you for your generousity in taking the time to look through and judge for the best. How about if I send you a 4"x6" photo of the picture that you choose, would you be up to that? So choose the one that you think reflects my best work and I will have that pic printed out as a physical 4" x 6" photo that you can then frame or put in an album, or whatever you'd like, ok?

Here are your choices:

Winter's Light - February

Awakening - March

Greenworld - April

Spring Fling - May

and a compilation of this month's pics

The photo contest deadline is the 21st, so I'm asking that all who'd like to participate to please make your selection by Monday the 21st by noon Mountain Time (look on my left-hand sidebar if you are in doubt ;). I'll keep a link to this blog post at the top of my blog to make finding it easy, okay? Thanks for your help! :)


  1. Oh Melody, they are all so pretty. I'd have to say my 2 faves are from May...numbers 2 and 4. OK...pick just one...hmmm...I guess if I have to choose ONE, it would be number 4. I just love the entire photo - subject matter, lighting, composition...all of it!

  2. Mmm... I love your garden photos! June's have been so colorful and happy! I think I like April #10 the best - the light really intrigues me coming through those leaves. Very pretty pictures!

  3. I vote for #11 on Greenworld.
    I just love the different shades of green you captured.
    But I also think the bicycle picture is so fun.
    ♥ Joy

  4. My favorites are the first one from the Winter Light with the snow melting and the chicken wire.

    The second is #1 from the spring batch with the blue sky behind the white blooms.

    The third is #1 from this month's pics and is probably the one that I would pick to submit to the photo contest.

    However, my absolute favorite was #11 from this month of the dandelion... but that is because I have a special spot in my heart for them. My kids used to pick them for me all the time.