Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my lucky day

Do you want to hear a great story? On Saturday I went a nursery to find a peach Iris. I figured I'd better hurry, since Irises are starting to loose their blooms right now and I have really, really wanted to get a peach one. As I was looking at the irises in their pots none that I could see had blooms. And then, I saw it: the only iris with any blooms on it. And it was PEACH!

So I took my one Iris pot and one Peony plant to the front to check out and discovered that it was a buy 3 get 1 free week. So I got two more iris plants! It will be a fun surprise next year to see what color the other two irises' blooms are.

I just love lucky days! :)


  1. YAY for lucky days! :)

    I've never even heard of a peach iris, by the way... lol

  2. It was a fun day! I am glad I was with you. I also love how you make that piece of old fence look so cool with your pots of flowers.