Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday the 11th

It was a busy weekend for me, filled with lots of good things and a bitter-sweet at the end.

On Saturday I took my mom for a drive. It is the first time in almost a year that she has gotten to go somewhere fun; all trips for her are just medical appointments. She has been worried about falling and breaking something, so she hasn't wanted to go anywhere during the winter. Finally, for Mother's Day, she got to see some sights. I was going to take her to Walmart and let her shop a bit, but she has been tired and worn out, so a ride was perfect.

It was simple: we went and picked up kids from Saturday school (I forgot to excuse an absence. Bah.), pick up baby Aiden (Saturdays are days at Mema's), and then drop off all the kids at home. Then we got to eat some lunch and ride and talk. It was wonderful! I'm so glad that the Lord allowed me to have another Mother's Day with her. Her birthday is tomorrow, so I need to thing of something nice to do for her then.

Then on Sunday Aiden got his name and a blessing - it is my church's ceremony for babies. His Grandpa, Karen's dad, performed the blessing, while his other Grandpa's (Steve and Paul - Paul is my first husband and my oldest 3 kids' bio-dad) and some of Aiden's uncles and cousins stood in the circle. Afterward we had a luncheoun with those who had come to the blessing and had time to stay a little longer. Paul planned the lunch and brought sandwiches and I brought potato salad and 7-up. It was nice to visit.

Yesterday was Paul's Grandma's funeral. I took the kids, but Steve had to work. It was a really nice service. Instead of eulogies given by set people, it was an "open-mic" and whoever wanted to talk about Lael could. The comments were funny, interesting, and touching. She was a good lady; very outspoken, which seemed to always be commented on lol, but very supportive and nice. She was in her nineties, so she had led a nice, long life and was ready to go at the end. It is sad to see her go, but nice to know that she is back with her siblings, parents, and husband.

As for the question that I asked about finding balance, boy I wish there was a quick way to find balance. I've had it before, but seem to lose it when there is conflict in my life.

I have found in the past that to have balance I need to 1) be true to myself. 2) not be in the big middle of strife and conflict 3) meditate and pray 4) take time to "be still". Lately just about all of that is off for me.

I need to take time to get back to myself. It is important.

I printed off some of my pictures yesterday, and I set up an etsy shop storefront. It is at merriemelody.etsy.com I will be filling it up soon with some prints. I'll keep you posted. :)

On Mother's Day Josh and Karen gave me the funniest and sweetest plaque ever: "My Mom is like a great bra: supportive, makes me look good, never leaves me hanging and is always close to my heart." LOL! I love it!

So that's it! My weekend in a nutshell. Today is my Monday. Lots of laundry to do and I have to find my house under all of the layers of living. Weekends are wonderful, but I always love getting back to a schedule some the weekdays. I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and that you have a happy week!


  1. Sounds like a huge weekend, Melody.

    I love the plaque Josh and Karen gave you...lol!

  2. I need to find that balance too. I've never been very good at it.