Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday May 24th


AND I do have some new pics for the Spring Fling Photo Contest, too:
Choose your favorite, okay? I chose #7 for a local photo contest entitle "It's Spring".

I got my garden planted on Saturday complete with:

4 Early Girl Tomatoes
4 "Cupid" Cherry Tomatoes
4 bell pepper plants
4 cucumber plants (must. have. more!)
4 Sugar Pie Pumpkins
1 Lumina Pumpkin
1 lemon grass plant
2 garlic plants - to harvest, divide, and replant in the fall
2 onions from one rotten onion that had sprouted in my kitchen :)
1 parsley plant
1 zucchini plant
1 yellow summer squash plant

Jared, as usual, was my gardening assistant. He helped me turn over the soil, plant, and told me jokes. He is wonderful to work with. (Thanks for your help, Jare!) :)

And then today when I awoke I found it was SNOWING! Bah! So Steve found the "hotcaps" and I covered all of my newbies that haven't had time to settle in yet. The spinach and peas might just enjoy a light snow. The onions have seen worse. Hopefully the strawberries' blossoms don't freeze! The raspberry bush is on its own, as are the existing herbs. Let us all bow our head in a moment of silence for all of those newly planted seedlings, both in my garden and others in my community.

Speaking of snow, my brother and his family came in yesterday from North Dakota. I am *really* glad to not live in North Dakota. Their winters would probably kill me!

Anyway, my brother and his family are here to see his oldest boy get married tomorrow. I had wanted to get the whole fam damily together while he was here, but it seemed impossible to do with everyone's schedule. BUT, bless my mom's heart, she called early in the day and said that he would be visiting her in the p.m. between 3 & 5. So I called my sister and told my brother. Then we waited. We all were "on call" until we got the call from my mom. Then we all showed up and visited for an hour or two. :) My brother from ND said that I am "the most tenacious person he knows". I should take it as a compliment... and I do... but you know what I think of when I think of the word "tenacious"? A cockroach. Hmmmmm. You'd think that I'd think of something more flattering to compare myself to, but... have you seen Wall-e? Yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about. Tenacious.

It was nice to visit. My mom wanted to get a picture of all of us, so we did. The walls of her nursing home are kind of a beigey-mustard color. It looks very South-western. It is TERRIBLE for bringing out normal skin colors in a picture. We all look as horrible as can be. But at least we *all* look terrible together. :)

And I realized that perhaps I shouldn't ever consider being a professional photographer, because as everyone was complaining about "let's just take one" and I replied, "Nope. Four." and they murmured, I told them that they were big babies. And when they scowled I told them that they better smile and not ruin my picture or I'd hunt them down. Nope, not quite the kind "Say Cheese!" kind of photographer they were used to.

I wish I could upload my pics and show you my beautiful garden. And my terrible family picture (with people that I adore in it), but there is no such luck. I'm still working out some other solution. Wish me luck! (you must have! thanks!) And I wish you the best of days today! ♥ (did anyone else know macs can't do the alt 3 heart? what a bummer! BUT *MY* COMPUTER CAN! YAY!)


  1. LOL, well I think it's a very nice family photo!

  2. Your garden looks great. I can't believe you got snow after you put it in.
    I like the family picture and I konw you will treasure it year from now. Glad you got everyone together.
    I love my alt 3. Didn't know Macs couldn't do them.
    ♥ Joy