Monday, May 3, 2010

A Garden-ful of Opportunities

I'm gearing up for another month of looking for photos to fit a theme. The theme was just posted this morning. It is: Spring Fling. Since something happened to the judge for this month, we are just having a collection of pictures to fit the theme, which will be an interesting change. I did suggest that we have a people's vote, but I'm not sure that is what they will opt for.

Though I've never won, and sometimes I don't share the judge's perspective of "best" (but I don't even agree with my husband on art very often. Art is just so subjective, isn't it?), I do enjoy having a theme to shoot for (sorry for the pun). All of the pics entered inspire me in some way, and it is great to be a part of it all. If you have any desire at all to enter, you should try it this month while it is so low key. You just might like it!

Last month's winners can be viewed here. I was so impressed with the first pic mentioned. And Craig from Ellis Hollow (the gold place winner this month and last) always has lovely pics. The other winner's pic and the showcased pics are also super beautiful.

So this month I'll be looking for the whimsical, the playful, and the fun of Spring. It will be a challenge that I look forward to. :)

Another blog I read is encouraging parents to get their children out in the garden with them. Kim, at Inadvertant Farmer, is hosting a contest with prizes and everything. All you have to do is get a photo of your kids doing their thing in the garden and then leave a link in her comments so that she can see the fun that you are having. Easy peasy, unless you've been having snow storms like I have here, then you might have to wait a bit for planting too. Just sign up here.

Another thing you might be interested in is again back at Gardening Gone It is showing and telling about your hardscaping projects that you've done: patios, decks, paved sidewalks, etc. Nancy is asking for links to any blog posts you have previously written or are currently working on. Just leave a comment for her in this post. She will compile all of the links into one blog post on the 28th and asks for contributions to be turned in by the 26th.

Now I'm off to make pancakes. Want a good recipe for pancakes that are yummy even without the syrup?

I'll give you the mix version to store, and then if you'd like to double it and put some away for later you can.

2 cups flour
2/3 cup of instant powdered milk
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup of sugar

Make as much as you'd like and store it in a sealed container, then when you are ready to make some pancakes take 3 cups of the dry mix and add to it these other ingredients:

1/4 cup oil
2 cups water
2 eggs

The batter will be thin, just the way I like it. I like pancakes that cook all the way through and are still just a light-golden brown. I simply cannot make thick pancakes do that for me. But if you prefer, just add a little less water and powdered milk (1/3 cup instant powdered milk for 1 cup water) for thicker pancakes.

My kids even like to eat them with and without syrup.

Happy eating, photoshooting, gardening, and whatever else of joy you'd like your day to hold. :)


  1. Always with the new season there is so much to see.
    I love finding the micro treasures. Makes me happy.

  2. You're welcome, Tammy! :)

    Me too, Stephanie, though you are better at seeing them than I am. (I love reading your blog for that very reason!)