Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st!!

Happy First Day of March to you! And my optimistic thought of the day is... Spring is in just 19 days! Yay!

Spring. Chicks. Bunnies. (Though I'll have no new ones here at my house, I *will* enjoy seeing them at the feed store! :)) Flowers. Green. The smell of fresh cut grass. And dirt. And earthworms. And gardening. And sunshine. It all sounds soooo wonderful!

And guess what I found in my window-well last week (yes, my hens have escaped the coop again - Spring is also the time to mend fences!)

There were nine, but Emily ate two of them before I got to take a pic. Eggs are a favorite around our house! ;)

And *this* is why I raise chickens for eggs:

The pale, sickly one is a store bought egg. The beautiful golden one is from my hen. And I think my home grown ones are more tastey, too.

In my front yard I am seeing first stirrings of life:

What signs of Spring are you seeing around your place?


  1. LOL, no signs of spring here AT ALL yet, but I know we are not far behind you all. :)

  2. I am so excited for spring too!!!