Saturday, March 13, 2010

Awww! and an Update

(Amber and Aiden)


I took Michael to the neurologist on Friday. Here is my report from facebook:

We met with the neurologist today (about Michael's seizure on Monday) and found out that he is 90% sure that they are real seizures called partial seizures (they only affect a portion of the brain). As we got out of the car to go *into* the neurologists office, though, we found that Michael had a rash.
(He had red splotches all over his face, arms, and trunk. Could *not* believe it! We made him wear a mask at the neurologist in case he was contagious.)
So after the neurologist came the pediatrician. He has a virus with a fever of 100.7*. What a day!!

and later in the comments:

So for the seizures, the doc is having us give him valium at the start of his next one and see if it stops it. (they have been lasting 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours) If it does, then that's what we'll continue, if not, the dr will have to go back to the drawing board.

The good news is that partial seizures are less dangerous than a seizure that affects the entire brain. Another positive is that they did the EEG while he was having the after-effects of the seizure and it caught the irregularites. When we have had the EEG done in the past (when everything was fine that day), nothing has shown up, but the seizures have continued.

As for the rash, the dr checked him for strep, since that is one of the few bacterial infections that give a rash. The rapid test came back negative, but he sent in the culture for a reg. strep test. For now we are assuming it is viral, so we are just making him comfortable.

Ahhhh! The joys of parenthood! ;)


  1. Lots of warm thoughts and ♥♥♥...

  2. That picture is precious.

    Pray they can get his meds adjusted for him and that the rash and virus will heal quickly.
    ♥ Joy