Thursday, March 4, 2010

Light and Darkness

I was insecure about the post I wrote yesterday of my insecurity. :) No one in their right mind ever *tells* what they are insecure about. But, alas, I never claimed to be in my right mind. ;)

So I went away and stewed all night wondering if I sounded pathetic or unsure of myself (in an all-around kind of way).

But this morning when I saw your sweet comments it made me glad that you are my friends and that I can be myself here. Thank you for that. :) And thank you for the good advice. I need to remember it.

Well, there will be no Signs of Spring pics today because it is SNOWING! I can't believe it!

But, I do have some pics of Amber and Matt from last night that I'll show you. They happened because Matt was standing in front of me talking to me about something or other and I noticed his eyes! The light and shadows were playing, and the light was illuminating his right eye, accentuating the color beautifully. Take a look:

And that is how it started.

Then I cropped it:

But then I realized I wanted to show his cleft chin.

And then, just as he was getting tired of posing, Amber came home! She thought I was silly the way I was having her look up. Then look down. Over here. "Oh my gosh, Mom!" she laughed. Then looked serious. Then with teenage angst. More and more and more pics. And then came the fun of cropping them.

And trying black and white:

And liking it!

Oh what fun shadows and intense light can be!

And I love the pics! And I love the fun we had taking the pics and then fixing them up!

I'll leave you with a little Madeleine (L'Engle) for the day:
"Our truest responsibility to the irrationality of the world is to paint or sing or write, for only in such response do we find the truth."
- Madeleine L'Engle

Have a great one!


  1. I ♥ the last B&W one of Amber! Great job!

  2. That last black & white is just GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh, the photos of kids are just beautiful. I read your other post and I appreciated your honesty- it makes you real and human. We all have insecurities and I think that when we are real others can relate to us and we can inspire others with our stories. This is why I like the words to a Christian song-"Don't whitewash the truth about yourself, cause nobody's got it all together." When I'm feeling insecure, I listen to this and remember not to compare my life with others. Enjoy your Monday, Melody!