Wednesday, April 8, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

The blossoms survived the snow! A week ago my apricot tree started blossoming. The next day it snowed. The snow stayed for several days, saddening me at the thoughts of no apricot jam or fresh apricot smoothies.

Then, on Monday the days warmed again. I ventured a glance at the apricot tree and saw fresh blossoms and bees buzzing around getting their fill of the sweet nectar, and all the while pollinating my apricot blossoms. My prayers were answered!

I will love making the apricot jam this year! I will see it as a wonderful miracle.

And this? This is my nicest cat. We have had many cats over the years of living on the farm. Most were as good as feral; we had them simply to keep down the mice.

We have had only a handful that have wound themselves around my heart, and this is one of them.

His name is Mittens. He loves people. He will allow us to cradle him like a baby. He will nap on our laps. He is angelic.

May our lives with Mittens be long.


  1. I am not a cat person, but that is a cute cat. I'm glad Mittens found your home to love and be loved.


  2. Your little Mittens looks an awful lot like our Gypsy!

    And your blossom photos are gorgeous. How nice to see those after a very long winter!