Friday, April 10, 2009

Something to brighten the day

Back in January I made a playlist to beat the blues. All upbeat songs, mostly Country. I figured that moods take a nose dive after Christmas, and the playlist would lift me and any who listened. I think I've discovered that I need the playlist more right about March. By then I'm sick of winter, but living it Utah, winter isn't ready to let up. So. My January playlist is back. You'll have to turn it on manually, but it's there, on my sidebar. If you are having grey skies in your soul, take a listen. If you like Country, you'll like these songs and they'll brighten the greyest skies!

Have a great weekend! And smile: It's finally Friday!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Melody! It felt good to write.

    I am beginning to appreciate Country more and more. I'm hooked on Taylor Swift and Brookes & Dunn.
    My hubs is a big Bluegrass lover, too!

  2. LOL, I've been updating my playlist, too.

    I love all of your songs...I'm a country girl. :)

  3. I hope the music is working to lift your spirit! We all need a little sunshine. :)


  4. Melody, I just wanted to say that I love you guys. I'm sorry for all the health crap you've been dealing with lately. Tell Jared hi. Hang in there. Has he read Fablehaven? Might keep you guys busy at the hospital if you want to read it together. Very entertaining. Good luck.