Thursday, October 2, 2008


The other day my 15 yod was riding with me in the car. I saw a place in the city that had a dozen short stemmed roses for $9.99. They have had the same price forever it seems. Anyway, I said to her that I should just buy my own roses instead of waiting for Steve to buy them for me. I told her I didn't think that guys "got" the whole flowers thing anyway. Immediately she asked to use my cell phone. I couldn't imagine who she was going to call since all of her friends were in school. She promised she wouldn't call or text any of them and that I wouldn't be mad at who she called.

She called Steve! Her conversation went something like this "Hi, Dad. Mom says that she wants you to buy her flowers. They have roses for $9.99 a dozen here at this place. You should get her some. K. Bye."

I couldn't believe it! She hasn't learned what I have as a woman. You know the unwritten rule that one doesn't *ask* for flowers. Instead, you just get upset and think they don't love you when they don't buy them. They should just *know* that you want the flowers. But no. She is so obvious!

So guess what? The next week when I went in for my EGD Steve said that needed to stop at a store for a quick minute. Guess what he bought? Yep. Roses. Maybe I should learn from my teenage girl and simply *tell* the poor guy what I want. Imagine that!


  1. My husband always says, "You have to tell me Betty...I'm not a mind reader". This was a great post

  2. That is so funny! I can't even picture telling Blair I want flowers:) I'd prob pass out from the effort and then HE would pass out from the shock:)

  3. She's a very smart girl! I've gotten much better over the years about telling my husband what I want.