Monday, October 6, 2008

New Blog full of Gadget Helps

Today I started a new blog. I called it "Pimp My Site".

It will be dedicated to helping people with the code that they need to add the gadgets that they want.

I thought of it after Maren, at SahmSisters wanted to add a button that others could put on their sites and link to her. She also asked that the code be with it so that others would easily be able to put that link on their site. So I helped her make this:

    Link to Me

She was so happy and said that I was the only person that she knew who could do this (and I told her that she should get out more ;-) ) But after thinking about it, I realized that I really do have it easier than most since I am married to a computer programmer. What I can't figure out on my own, he can help me with.

So long story short, I'm here for y'all. If you have a question, take a stroll over to Pimp My Site and leave me a comment and I'll see what Steve & I can come up with. Send your friends, too, and tell them to tell me who sent them, ok?

This should be a fun endeavor!


  1. LOL! You really are the smartest person I know:)

  2. That's too cool. I was wondering how someone got a button. Eventually, I want to make my page all a theme with the sky or something with clouds and rainbows.
    When I have more time ( i need to be leaving for work right now) I'll check it out.

  3. To Maren: Thank you! But I still think you have *got* to meet more people!

    To keeperoftheskieswife (Betty), Thanks! And I think your site is already very pretty! But it *is* fun to "remodel" sometimes, huh?!