Saturday, January 3, 2015

1/52::"Michael in his Christmas PJs and Emily's Fedora"::January 3

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2015
Isn't it adorable? LOL This kid makes me laugh :)

I love these jammies that Steve & I bought him for Christmas. He has been into buttons lately, so I thought a button up, fuzzy fleece pajama set sounded perfect for him.

I got a picture of him on Christmas day, but I didn't get a good one of him in his pjs, so today I asked him to sit in the chair and let me take a picture of him in his Christmas jammies. So, he did, but first he donned Emily's hat and posed himself just like this. Classic :)

I love this kid! His special needs are challenging, but his personality is so enormous that he makes life fun and wonderful.

The 52 Week Challenge is back, and I'm rocking it so far! 1 for 1! Woot! LOL :) Let's cross our fingers and hope that I have the endurance to keep it going this year. :)
♥ Melody


  1. I love Michael! He makes me smile!! Such a cute picture of him!!