Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Christmas::December 30

For Christmas, our entire family was here throughout the day.

This year Bill, Josh, Hayley and Mercedes (Miah and Teryn were at their dad's for Christmas Eve), Karen, Grover, Ben and Aiden, Amber, Jared and Ruth, Emily and her boyfriend Richy, along with Matt, Michael, Steve and I celebrated Christmas Eve together.

All of the kids and grandkids slept over, and Bill went back to his apartment after the Bible readings and carol singing and poem telling. The plan was to pick him up on Christmas morning, but it snowed on Christmas Eve, so he decided to stay put until the plows cleared the road.

Bright and early Christmas morning, the kids sleeping in Jared & Ruth's trailer were called in, the kids and grandkids sleeping upstairs were woken up, and all of us saw what Santa had brought for us and we opened the presents:

At 9 o'clock, Steve picked up Bill and brought him back, and it was round 2 of presents :)

Then, slowly everyone left: Karen and Grover going to work; Richy and Emily went to celebrate Christmas with Richy's family; Jared and Ruth went to work; Hayley, Josh, and Mercedes went to pick up Miah and Teryn and celebrate with Hayley's mom and siblings, and Matt went along too. That left Bill, Steve, Amber, Michael and me at home to nap and cook and clean and play for a few hours by ourselves.

After dinner, Bill went home, and everyone but Emily and Richy trickled back to the house to play games and eat pie and have round 3 of presents with Miah and Teryn :)

Such a busy, messy, loud, wonderful Christmas it was ♥

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas too!

♥ Melody

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