Thursday, January 22, 2015

2/52::"I've Got Your Spo-ot!"::January 22

I forgot to post this picture that I took last week:

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2015

Have you ever watched, "The Big Bang Theory"? If you have, you know that Sheldon Cooper has his "spot". In his spot, he can see in every direction, the airflow is perfect, the temperature is perfect, etc etc. In our house, I am Sheldon Cooper.

I like my spot. My spot is my rocker/recliner in the living room or my chair in front of my computer. Michael loves to tease me by sitting in my spot when I get up to do something. When I come back, he taunts me with his sing-song, "I've got your spo-ot." He delights in it!

My part in this is to say, "You better get out of my spot!" To which he continues his taunting and giggles intermittently. Then I resort to tickles, which I think is what he likes best anyway, combined with reminding him, "You're in my spot!"

Eventually, he laughs and gets out of my spot.

We have rituals at our house, and I think the "You're in My Spot" ritual is the favorite. ;)
♥ Melody

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