Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Photo Competition Pics DONE!!::Blurred Vision::January 8

My competition photos are submitted!! Soooooo glad that this round is done. I don't take as many pics when things get cold outside, and it's been cold outside for a while.

The theme for this time is "Blurred Vision". It was a toughy for me, since to me, the subject matter in photos is supposed to be crisply in focus unless showing motion, so I took it figuratively and went a different direction. Here are my two pics for "Blurred Vision":

"Christmas - Religious Holiday or Commercialistic Extravaganza?

(As an aside: It kills me how Christians get so upset about the commercialism side of Christmas while the non-Christians are so bugged about the religiousity. My philosophy is easy: take what you love, leave what you don't.)

"Skipping Naptime"

See what I did there with the blurred motion thing? Also, going without a nap, or worse yet my grandbaby going without a nap, gives me blurred vision. ;)

The next four don't follow the theme, and the first two of the four are altered reality, meaning I photoshopped the crap out of them ;)

"Grandma's Little Angel"

I watched a tutorial and learned how to turn a photo into a pencil sketch here:

"Bzzzy Bee"

I also watched a tutorial about turning a photo into a cartoon here:

The next two are original, non altered pics, but the theme is completely open, so everything goes.

"The Light of the World"

For this one, I followed this tutorial:

"Peaceful Morning Moment"

I love moments like these!

Now I can finally relax! :)

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