Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolution... and no "word"::January 2

Because this blog was originally to be used as a type of journal for my family, I tend to write information that lends itself to being more personal than many blogs. Hopefully that is an attraction instead of a distraction. Today's post will be personal for me. My children will eventually read it, whether today or tomorrow on the blog, or in many tomorrows when the blog is printed out. In any case, I once again went to a Chinese restaurant for New Year's Day to reflect over 2013 and ponder on 2014.

Earlier in the day, I had thought I might be hungry for a diner's food rather than Chinese and was thinking about going to One Man Band. I decided against it because I really like the quiet to reflect on my own thoughts rather than to think on the poetry & music of someone else and One Man Band's jukebox is often playing, while the Chinese restaurant that we like is quiet. I was surprised to be greeted by Fun.'s "Carry On" as Steve & I walked into the restaurant. At first I chose to think of it as a good omen, after all, it has been on repeat in my brain & my youtube for months. After a while though, I was frustrated that we hadn't gone to One Man Band because there was a chance no one would put a quarter in the jukebox....

We stayed and ordered in spite of the music. I prayed and pondered and mentioned to Steve time and again that I felt like the proverbial blank slate - absolutely nothing was presenting itself to me in the form of a word or saying for a mantra for the year. I was surprised and saddened, because usually the thoughts come so easily....

I excused myself and went into the restroom where I hoped it would be quieter, and it was. I prayed some more, and the answer/feeling I received surprised me. This is from my journal:

This past year has been stressful and busy. The other day, I got a very hopeful feeling about 2014. I hope that feeling is correct.

I'm feeling very much like a blank slate. I've prayed and pondered and nothing is coming into my mind.

I don't know if it is because there is music on this year (at the restaurant) & I can't think, or if there is a bigger reason. Still thinking....

I just returned from the restroom. I prayed again and the feelings I received are very interesting.

I told the Lord that I felt like a blank slate & I felt from inspiration, "What is wrong w/ being a blank slate?" and that if my mind was filled w/ thoughts I wouldn't be doubting that was my answer, but when I keep thinking about feeling like a blank slate I think something must be wrong.

I got the feeling, which is true, that I take my word and overlay it on my year. What if this year, I let the year teach me what it is that I need to learn?

So this year, I will be the proverbial blank slate and wait to see what the world would like to teach me.

Usually I go out to find & fix - this year, I will wait and learn what I'm supposed to learn.

My fortune cookie said, "Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time."

My goals for the year:

* "Work out" every day: planks, stretching, squatting, push ups & other strength building activities.

* Live life hanging onto the moment and learning what it offers

* Craft, quilt, cross stitch - get use out of the bifocals :)

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