Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Hayley!!::November 3

It took me a long time to be able to get pictures of Hayley blowing out her "birthday cake", but last Sunday, I finally managed!

It wasn't really a cake though. I sent Josh and Hayley to the convenience store with some money and the instruction to get Hayley her favorite pastry.

I had wanted to make her a real cake... or at least a Rice Krispy Treat... or any kind of treat, but I had been up late at night with Bill on Saturday night and took him to the hospital just after 5:30 Sunday morning. I got home around noon, so I wasn't up for baking. I hope she didn't mind, and she didn't seem too, and they got her a peanut butter bar (I think that's what the wrapper said anyway.. You'll have to correct me, Hayley, if I'm way off the mark. ;)

Hayley is the newest addition to our family, and this was her first birthday with us (We celebrated very late though - her real birthday is September 30 - we'll do better next year!). I learned that she doesn't like attention to be directed at her and that she doesn't like her picture taken.... poor girl for having a photographer for a mother in law!! I tried to make it as quick and painless as possible, though!

Hayley, I have loved getting to know you these past months! Thank you for being sweet to me and our family! I love you very much & I hope that you have a wonderful year this year!!

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