Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family Day::November 5

A couple Sundays ago, Josh, Hayley, and Amber came to visit and it turned into a spontaneous Family Day. We went target shooting, and then went to the only park that still has a merry go round (at least in our close by area)

Many took turns pushing and then jumping on.

As I was going through the pictures, I noticed that Josh still does the same thing with his tongue that he did when he was a little boy :)

And then Steve got ahold of the camera, and my comfort zone was gone! I'm not usually in front of the camera! (and I certainly wasn't ready for it! I wore the comfy-ist clothes I have, since I had had a long, hard day at the ER with Bill all morning - he had been admitted for the same old thing he'd been hospitalized with several times before - 3 or 4 times since Aug. 15th - nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. I hope that the docs can figure it out and help prevent it.)

Amber found a bumble bee - I was worried about the big kids playing on it until I looked closely at how solidly it was built. Then we all had a turn :)

I wasn't so sure I wanted a turn!! Look at how much she is pressuring me! LOL :)

There was no way I was staying on for another ride! LOL ;)

We knew things were getting serious when she took off her nice jacket!

Watch Michael's face. He hadn't looked at the camera all day. Every time I went to take his pic for my 52 week project he would look away like this.

But then Dad called his name and he looked... so surprised it was DAD behind the camera and not mom! Hahahahaha!

This was a funny story! So, Michael found a pair of little kid socks in the gravel. Watch the socks and everyone's reaction:

He tosses the socks onto the merry go round:

Matt and Josh see them and try to figure out where they went.

Matt tried to reach out and grab the socks and wound up falling off. I love Emily and Amber's reaction! (Am is on the righthand side, almost out of the photo frame) Hahaha!

I told Amber and Emily to play in the leaves - the lighting was great (for pics) and fall leaves are fun :)

Amber tackled Emily into the leaves...

So Emily dumped leaves on her :)

Then Amber made a snow angel with leaves (lots quieter and more peaceful!) :)

Michael didn't want to leave! While everyone else went to the van, he stayed on the merry go round. It *was* a fun day! I hope to have a repeat soon ♥

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