Sunday, November 17, 2013

16 Things About Me::November 17

On facebook, there is a meme going around where someone is given a number and then has to tell that many things about themselves, then, if you "like" it, you are given a number too. I wrote mine up and then realized I'd like to save it for later. This is what I wrote:
I've been given lots of numbers because I really do like the stuff people have written, but the highest number was 16, so here goes:

1. I lived in the hills of TN for a year. 2. While I was there, I lived in a mobile home. 3. For a month, during the hottest part of the summer, we didn't have electricity and ran an extension cord from my in-law’s chicken coop to power either a fan or a lamp, but not both at the same time. 4. I lived less than 5 miles from Alan Jackson. 5. After that, I lived on a 120 acre farm in Kentucky for 5 years 6. The Amish were my closest neighbors 7. My house was Amish built, but renovated with electricity by the “English” family who lived there just before us 8. It was only heated by wood though. 9. I am an excellent fire builder 10. While I lived there, I started doing web work for a real estate company in Kentucky 11. I still work with them 12. I put up the information about the auction for Dumas Walker when it was sold a few years ago 13. The Kentucky Headhunters, who sang about Dumas Walker, came from a town about 30 minutes from where I lived. 14. While visiting teaching, my companion and I had warning gun shots fired at us (we were at the wrong house, thank heavens! ) 15. To get to my house, you had to cross a creek. 16. I personally understand why someone would say that they will do something, “If the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise”.

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