Thursday, July 19, 2012

J & K's Anniversary, Michael's Birthday, Remembering my Mom::July 19

I went with Bill to the doctors' offices a couple of days ago.

The surgeon said that since his incision has healed well, and the drain hole has closed up and is healing, Bill is discharged from his care for 2 years. At that time, Bill will be re-evaluated for a liver transplant and will go back on his care again.

The nephrologist (kidney doc), said that Bill's lab numbers were looking a bit better and to continue doing what he's been doing at home. He did say that Bill needs to baby his left arm, not allowing blood pressures and labs to be taken from it. The doc didn't say why, but since this isn't our first go-round with this sort of thing, we know it is because he will need a fistula shunt for dialysis sooner or later. His "damn it" seemed to sum up the feeling to a T.

In other news, Yesterday was Josh and Karen's 3rd Wedding Anniversary, and today is Michael's 11th Birthday. Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

As a matter of trivia: It was at Josh's wedding that Amber and Tino met. In fact, he was the one that walked her down the aisle and into her position as a bride's maid before he walked over to his place as a groomsman. You can see them both in the middle picture: Tino way over to the left and Amber way over to the right.

And a pic of Michael on his 9th & 10th birthdays. Such a cute kid

Also, one year ago today is the day my mom called from the hospital during Michael's birthday party and asked me to come visit her. I told her that I'd be right over after the party. She was asleep when I got there, and she had been feeling so badly, so I let her sleep. It was that day that I took the picture of her looking so old and frail as she slept.

This is the one picture that helped put everything into perspective after she died and I kept questioning "why?". Bless her dear, old soul. I miss her, but I'm so glad that she hasn't had to suffer with her bad health and sore joints and back this year. I'm looking forward to someday sitting down with her again to visit and have another family party with her.

Yesterday, Steve & I took down the rest of the fence that blew down part-way a few years ago. It takes us forever to do a project. Hopefully with the fence down we'll feel the need to hurry up and get another one up. We just need Josh to come and visit at the same time that Steve is here; Josh loves to dig holes, much to my delight, but I want Steve here to do the measuring and planning for the new fence. Painting the outside of the house and refinishing the wood floors are on my list too.

And yet, with all of the work that needs to be done, and a photo competition that I entered, sent in pictures for, and was supposed to attend tonight... I am sick. It feels like an influenza; it hit my asthma hard last night before bed. Today, my lungs feel more clear, but my head is so clogged! How and why am I sick in the middle of July?! It seems ridiculous, but Steve just went through it at the beginning of the month. Bah.

I'm feeling the itch to get my 2013 calender made. I'd love to go away for the weekend and put it together while relaxing in a nice hotel room, but alas, I am a cheapskate and will probably just do it here at home. Again: bah.

A lot of my friends have children getting married soon. I'm so glad it isn't me having to plan a wedding this year!! ;) Good luck to all that do!

Have a wonderful day!

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