Monday, July 23, 2012

Garlic Scape Flower::July 23

Yesterday, while everyone except Michael and me were at church because I am still feeling .... well, crappy is the best word for it, I was looking online and thought about garlic scapes again. I've felt a little guilty that because I like how they look and I didn't want to cut them off.... but it isn't really best to let them grow when what I really want is big bulbs. So, I cut them off, but not before I took a picture with my macro lens (or two, or five ;)

It is truly amazing that when you get down on the macro level, everything looks a little alien...especially bugs!

Speaking of bugs, my garden is overrun with grasshoppers this year. I have never killed a grasshopper (at least on purpose) before, but this year, I am delighting in it! When I walk through my garden, I see them all around, especially in my herb garden. Yuck! yUcK! and YUCK! So sick of those hopping little monsters! {sigh} Still, a grasshopper in summer is so much better than... well, *anything* in winter! I'm just sayin'.

Have a wonderful day!

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