Friday, July 27, 2012

I won 3rd place!::July 27

Last night I went to my very first photo competition with the Wasatch Camera Club. I entered my "Cows at Sunset" picture and also my "Sunrise on the Pond"

"Cows at Sunset" won 3rd place in the Intermediate/Into the Light projection division. Yay!! :) When they scored it, I think it got 17/27, which seems low, but considering that the highest score I heard was a 25/27 from a master, it doesn't seem too shabby.

I also asked for critiques of my work.

With "Sunrise on the Pond", one of the judges suggested I turn it into a black and white and see what that looks like. They were put off a little bit by the white misty look on the right hand corner, because it looks over exposed. I can see their point; it has bothered me too. Their words were that the composition was good, but that it looked a little washed out. I can see that. I'll try a black and white and see what happens. I still really love the picture though. I used to live in that area growing up. In fact, if you could see through one or two houses and a few trees, you'd see my house. In the early morning light, that is exactly what it looks like.

With the critique for "Cows at Sunset", I really got my ego stroked. The judge said that she really liked it; she liked the soft colors and the back lighting. "I really dug it" were her exact words. :)

It was wonderful to sit and look at all of the beautiful work that everyone turned in. I was especially in awe of the beautiful pictures that the advanced and masters turned in. It was one gorgeous picture after another and was amazing. There were some really great pics turned in by the novices and intermediates too, but the advanced and masters were where it was at!

You can see all of the winning photos here

As I was looking over my New Year's goals, I realized that I could check a few off the list. One thing on the list was to "Become a part of the/a community I'm in, or join a group to give me that sense of belonging." Good for me :) There are a few other things I've done too, which is a good direction to be going in.

In other news... Matt is still at scout camp. Boy I miss that kid! He'll be home on Saturday, and I'm ready for him!

I hope that you have a wonderful day today!