Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Photography with Steve & Flower::April 9

What I do on Sunday drives (take pics):

What Steve does on Sunday drives (while I'm taking pics, he reads):

So glad that we exist so well together :)

After the drive, I went outside to do Matt's animal chores, since he wasn't feeling well.

I decided to take my little Dutch bunny, Flower (who is also my favorite rabbit, but don't tell any of the others) out of his cage and let him eat some new greens that have just popped up. The resulting pictures are adorable!

Also this weekend: My blood pressure has been cRaZy! I went to the ER on Thursday night because I feel "fluttery" in my chest and my blood pressure was super high with a low pulse. When I got there and they tested my blood pressure it was 200+/100+ with a pulse of 53. After a few hours of monitoring, but not receiving any medication, my blood pressure went down on its own to a safe level, and they released me with a holter monitor to check on my heart for the next 24 hours.

The next day was the same type of thing, and the triage nurse was encouraging me to stay when I returned the holter moniter, but I was tired and didn't feel sick or any flutterings, so I left.

The next morning, I woke up and took my blood pressure. It was fine. I facebooked a little, ate a banana, and puttered for about an hour, and then my blood pressure spiked again, I felt super weak, had a huge headache, and felt nauseated. Back to the hospital.

The ER doc did an EKG and when it came back fine pronounced it as stress related and gave me ativan. I asked him to please do the labs anyway, just to make sure (it will show heart attack markers & markers for clots). The labs came back normal.

I'm still supposed to see a cardiologist; I have an appt. in May. Until then, my plan is to go to my regular doc and have her look over the big picture and see what she thinks I should do. I'm still not sure how it is just from stress, since it comes on w/o stress happening and goes away in the most stressful of situations..... Plus, another thought is, "Reduce stress? how? There is nothing that is obvious for me to give up or get rid of." It is so frustrating.

Sorry to complain. I have realized that I have only been sharing pictures and not talking because my internal dialog isn't always happy. I hope that you'll forgive me when I talk about some things going on in my life that *aren't* happy. It is the season of life that I'm in, and apparently, my health is starting to buckle because of it. Hopefully talking about it will be therapeutic.

The weather today is sunshine and blue skies. I am aiming to take a picture of at least one square of my garden that I cultivated yesterday, and hopefully a second or third will get done today.

As for the animals on my backyard farm:
a lot of my chickens died over the winter, which isn't too worrisome, since they are just old birds and it was their time. I still have six hens (2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Black Sex Links, 1 Araucana, and 1 Delaware. I also have 2 roosters, which is one too many for 6 hens! One roo is a bantam and the other is a Black Sex Link. I have 2 free range Old English bantam hens, as well. I am thinking of putting the bantams in a separate run, letting the hens set on eggs, selling the chicks, and keeping the Black Sex Link roo in with the other 6 hens. hmmm.....

My nanny goat is off hanging out with a buck, hoping to produce a baby for the fall.

The rabbits are fine. I'm down to one female and 6 males; they are all pets at this time, since none will be bred and we quit raising meat rabbits altogether. So, they are sent "out to pasture", so to speak, for the rest of their days.

Today, my goal is to clean out the flower beds and get rid of the brown that is lingering to make room for all of the green that is pushing its way up.

I also want to trim up my herb garden; clipping some oregano that is threatening to take over the entire plot, and cutting everything back a bit, clearing out the dead to get ready for more life.

My strawberries have suffered from dandelions overtaking their bed. I'm going to need help to reclaim their space! It is simply too much work for one person to get done in a timely manner.

I still need to get some spinach planted; I am about a month later than I wanted to be. :/

Steve wants to try his hand at cabbage & broccoli. More power too him! I have never been successful with them.

I also need to find a supplier/greenhouse with zucchini that actually produce. I am going to avoid a local greenhouse, since my zucchini plants haven't produced for the past 2 years.

Anyhow, I'm off to take care of the animals for now, since Matt is still not feeling well (the animals are typically his job).

Have a wonderful day!

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