Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life on the Farm::RIP Rooster::April 11

My poor rooster died yesterday. This is the first time I have truly mourned a rooster, but he was beautiful *and* nice: great qualities for a rooster.

I took him over to a neighbor that runs what I thought was a taxidermy but is really a tannery. I didn't want to stuff him or anything, but awhile back, a friend of mine who does his own taxidermy told me that the hackles alone on my rooster was worth over $100 (Jared remembers him saying $200). The person that I talked to at the tannery said that they couldn't use him (feathers are used for fly fishing), but that they had some friends that they could give him too. So I left him with her, happy that his feathers would be used.

After contemplating things through a rooster's death, I realized that I really should be an organ donor. I don't like things that could be used for good just going to waste.

Anyway, things have been quieter this morning without him. RIP my little feathered friend.

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  1. Sorry for your loss :(
    After my aunt's liver transplant last year, and when my driver's licence renewed, Iofficially changed my status to donor :)