Thursday, April 12, 2012

At the Park::April 12

This week is Spring Break for my kiddos.

For most of it, Matt & I have enjoyed working outside in the sunshine.

Yesterday, we decided to take a break and go to the park. Emily and Matt enjoyed being there. Michael.... not so much. So, Michael and I left Emily and Matt there, while we went and ran some errands. BUT, before we left, of course I had to photodocument the trip :)

Afterward, I am happy to say, I got the lawn mowed (one of the errands was filling up the gas can) BEFORE it rained :D Ahhh. I love it when things fall into place like that.

I'd love to mow the back/side yard too, but alas, the grass is wet..... I'll have to wait 'til things dry out a bit.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending my day in The Big City. So today is technically the last day of our Spring Break vacation. My favorite part of our vacation from school? Sleeping in, hands down. Oh, and Emily is going to State in drama tomorrow, too, so today is the last day she can work on homework. Guess what we'll be doing today! Oh well, at least we can all hang out together, anyway.

Have a super terrific day today!

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