Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just wait it out.

I posted earlier today, but there was a story that went along with one of the pics that I couldn't take time to share then, but I can now. :)

So, Steve & I drove to the lake on Sunday, mostly to take pics, but in portion, we were going just to enjoy each other's company (& Michael's, who was riding with us in the back seat).

As we were driving along, everything looked "flat" and oh so boring. I looked and looked, but everything looked so blah that I finally asked aloud if Steve was seeing *anything* that was beautiful. He replied that he wasn't.

So we drove a little while and I saw this one scene that I thought was beautiful:

I took a few of it from different angles, then got back in the car and drove some more.

Well, after a few minutes had passed and the sun slowly went down, BAM!! EVERYTHING was beautiful! Everywhere I looked, the sun's last rays were casting such a golden glow, and the light and shadows were playing and touching every minute detail of the scenery. At that point I seriously could have asked if he had ever seen such a glorious scene! (The reason I don't have many pics of this time, was the sun and shadows were also showing me the swarms of mosquitos that I'd missed before, and dangit, I'd forgotten the bug spray!!)

I did take one more pic though in that gorgeous lighting, and I hope that I did it justice:

The moral of the story is: In life, even when things look the bleakest, if you wait for just a few minutes things *will* change.... And hopefully for the better.

Here's hoping that we can find life's golden glow in all of the many aspects of our lives. And that we are open to it and grateful for it.


  1. I really don't like when I get in a photographic funk. When I either don't see things, or else I can't capture it just the way I want to.
    Leaves me feeling unrestful and discontent!

    So I'm very happy that your day had a happy ending!! :)

  2. Thanks Ladies :)

    Stephanie, sometimes I have to just walk away. Up the canyon is the place for me to have to keep my patience more than anywhere else, because it is soooo hard to get the lighting right up there. :s