Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Wonderfully Eventful Day

Yesterday Josh, Karen, and Aiden came down to my house to spend some time. Before coming home, though, we stopped by my mom's nursing home so that Aiden could meet his Great Grandma.

Our 4 Generation Picture

The cute little family with Great Grandma

Great Grandma fell in love with Aiden, just like we all have.

She held him the whole time we were there.

She told Josh and Karen that she'd be happy to keep him with her. :)

This was a moment that I have wanted to happen since we thought we were going to lose my mom last July. I'm so glad that her body healed and that she could meet this sweet little bundle of joy. What a blessing!

Josh, Karen, and Aiden will be staying here a day or two. I'm sure I'll have lots more baby pics for you in the next few days! ;)

(P.S. the pics were really yellow from the lighting in the nursing home, so I tried to make them look as close to normal color as possible. I hope they look okay on your moniter.)

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you got those pictures. I love the 4 generations. I can see the love in her face. I bet she beamed and beamed the rest of the day.

    ♥ Joy