Monday, January 18, 2010

Grandma Names

I'm stumped as to what I want my Grandma name to be. When we lived in the South, I thought the cutest grandma name was Meemaw, and that's who I wanted to be.

Now that I'm in Utah, I don't know how well Meemaw would be received.

So I'm asking all of you, what did you call your Grandma(s) (use a pronunciation guide for me, okay? I saw one grandma name as "Meme" today, but I'm not sure how you'd pronounce it.) Or, if you are a Grandma, what is your Grandma name?

(1/21/10 - I saw a cute spelling for Memaw that I like a lot: Mema. I think it's cute! Maybe Mema I'll be. :)
Thanks for your help! <3


  1. My girls call my mom (their grandparents) Grammy and Poppy.
    I kind of picked it. I thought it was sweet and wasn't grandma and Grandpa.

    We called my grandparents Ma and Grandaddy. The other set was Momma Bernice and Daddy Fred, but Momma Bernice got turned into Boo Boo because I couldn't say it when I was a baby. So you never know what you'll end up being called.

    ♥ Joy

  2. He's adorable and congrats! We called our grandparents Grandma & Grandpa (last name) -- to differentiate between the two sides. I had a great grandmother we called Grandma Stahl (also her last name!). My grandkids call us Grandma and Grandpa Talbott, and their other side is called Grandma Carol and Grandpa Jim. Mostly they just call me Grandma! And it's really nice to hear. A friend's family call her Nana. And her father was known as Papa Reno to all the grandkids.

  3. I call mine Grandma and Logan calls his Grandma. We are boring I guess.

  4. My sister is MEME and My friend is Nonnie (NON-EEE)

  5. Grammy and Grandma for my children, Granny and Grandma for me (for my grandmothers).
    Good luck!! :)

  6. I found a spelling of (mee mah) that I love! Mema. Cute! Maybe I'll make it my grandma name after all!

  7. I think Mema is a great grandma name. I had a Grandma and Gramp-daddy when I was growing up.

    My kids have Abuelita and Abuelito and Grandma and Grandpa--so that is easy for them

    My friend had a MawMaw and a Nanna