Monday, October 12, 2009

I've found the silver lining I've been looking for!

I think I might be getting back to normal! I'm starting to think the way I usually do, which is such a nicer view of life!

This weekend I realized how thankful I am that the Lord has allowed things to happen the way that they have.

1. I'm thankful my aunt's basement flooded before my mom went into the hospital. I remember being in the basement with many of her things wet and ruined and crying and feeling like I'd failed my mom and wishing I would have moved her things out before many got ruined. When I took the mementos and her collections to her home, I told her how I felt and she reassured me that I hadn't failed her and that she was grateful for all I had done. Because of that flood, I got a storage unit set up for those belongings. We are now using the same storage unit to add in the rest of her things. I am not having to rush and find a storage unit now. I don't have to feel that she didn't get to enjoy any of her belongings from my aunt's basement, and I don't have to move that stuff at the same time as packing and moving her belongings now.

2. If sad that she got sick at all, but I'm glad that it was when we still have good weather to be moving her stuff. I can't imagine moving it out in the snow and wet.

3. I'm glad that realizations come little by little instead of all at once.

4. I'm glad that we have time to get her things in order while she is still around to help.

5. I'm glad that I still have time to spend with her.

And more thankfulness for Josh and Karen:

1. I'm glad that their wedding went well and is finished. They were supposed to be getting married at the end of September. What a crazy time *that* would have been!

2. I'm glad that they are happily living in an apartment, able to pay rent and utilities, food and clothing, and some for savings!

3. I'm so thankful that Josh has work and that he has been promoted to Assistant Manager. If Karen has to cut back hours or they decide she should stay home with the baby they will have enough money.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes when I think he isn't watching over me at all, he is really preparing ways for things that I have no knowledge of. I need to learn to be meeker and more faithful.

I'm so thankful for the glimmer of insight this weekend. It hasn't changed a thing, but it has made everything look just a little brighter and more optimistic.

Perspective is everything!

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  1. I loved reading this, Melody. The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways!