Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I was too late!

Thanks for all of your votes! I was just getting ready to do a post revealing which one I'd decided to go with, but when I checked on the deadline of the photo contest, thinking it would be Friday since that is the last business day of the month, I found it was last week! :-( What a bummer! I'll have to submit an entry next time for sure! Did any of you enter?

I think I found a pic that shows my abundant harvest better than any of the ones I asked you about though:

This is the garden I work on more than any other. Nurturing, tending to them, and helping root out the weeds that spring up is the most difficult yet rewarding task I've ever done in my life! May they all grow to be true to themselves and the best they can be is my deepest desire.

Saturday and yesterday I worked on packing up my mom's stuff again. We have to be done by Saturday at the latest, though Friday would be nicer. Not a lot left to do, but still probably several more hours to finish packing, taking to storage, and then cleaning the apartment.

It is a cold, snowy day here today. I'm hoping the sun will come out soon and warm me. I'm not ready for winter yet! Too bad I don't have hot chocolate! Why is it that hot chocolate can transform the coldest, most miserable day into a holiday?

So here's wishing you a day filled with sunshine or at least the brightness of hot chocolate to warm your whole soul! :-)


  1. Yes, this is absolutely the best photo. :)

  2. Bummmer....
    SNOW?!! Ah, I hope it snows here this year.