Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kitty Kandids for a Rainy Day

The kitties are ready to make an appearance:

We call this one TL. He is a boy, so being called Tiger Lily after his mom and grandma might be embarrassing for him, (Johnny Cashe sang about the effects of such a thing in "A Boy Named Sue") so we'll just use the initials.

This little girl is the tiniest and looks like a little kitty fairy, so Thumbelina fits her perfectly. We'll shorten it to Lina, though.

This little guy is named Blackjack. We could shorten it to Jack, but since that is my dad's name and he doesn't really like cats I think we'll stick to BJ as a nickname.

They are fat and happy, and that's all that matters in a kitty's life.

I took Matt to Cub Olympics this morning. It was rainy and cold off and on, which made the water games pretty miserable for complainers like me. Matt was fine with it, though. They had a great balloon launcher there made with some rubber tubing and a pocket to contain the water balloon before flinging it. The boys had a great time watching the balloon travel about 50 yards and then splatting on the ground. A couple of mishaps happened though when the rubber tubing came untied and smacked the little boy's leg who was launching the balloon. Another mishap happened when Matt was at another station directly across from the balloon launcher and he got smacked in the leg with a launched balloon that didn't break. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

I got my ring back from the jewelers on Friday after having them replace Emily's missing birthstone, sizing it, and cleaning it. It is wonderful to have it back!

On Steve's and my tenth wedding anniversary I asked for a mother's ring. After really thinking about it and knowing that I don't wear much jewelry other than my wedding ring we opted to have a custom ring be added to my wedding ring. I designed it and the jeweler created it. I absolutely love it!

It has been chilly and just pouring buckets of rain down for about the last hour or two. In Kentucky our creek would have flooded us in if it'd rained this long and this hard. On a day like that, I would have started a fire in my soapstone woodstove and rocked in my rocking chair while watching the fire and listening to the rain. As it is, I have spent time on facebook and blogs. While I love all y'all, I would rather have my old woodstove. Steve is going to have to make sure our flue can contain the flames, because I *need* a woodstove. And I'd love another soapstone stove like I used to have.

I have also been listening to my playlist and it has really lifted my spirit. While I love the sound of the falling rain, and I love the green that happens because of it, the greyness of a rainy has a way of making me feel a little down. I love, love, love my playlist! Brad Paisley's song, "I'm Still a Guy" puts a smile on my face every time. How I love that guy's songs! He makes me laugh just about every time! And Alan Jackson's "That'd be Alright" (and most of his songs, really), Travis Tritt's "It's a Great Day to Be Alive", and Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine" song always brighten my day. Michael Buble's "Everything" and the Dixie Chick's "Cowboy Take Me Away" make me glad I have Steve in my life. My music can definitely soothe me, even when I'm feeling pretty beasty.

I've started reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz again. Odd Thomas is my favorite of all of his characters. Have you ever read his books? They are not for the faint of heart! Amber can't go outside in the dark anymore because of reading his stuff. I love him! He takes his readers on a roller coaster ride through hell but always ends with happily ever after. I tease Steve that if he dies I'll look up Dean Koontz to see if his wife Gerda is still around; if not, I'll hook up with him. Maybe my threat, and his jealousy, will keep that husband of mine around for a long, long time! And that would suit me just fine!! Koontz's heroines always remind me of me, and I'm a sucker for a man who thinks that my personality makes up the perfect woman, lol! Lucky for me, Steve thinks Koontz' heroines are pretty perfect and finds my quirks endearing. :-)

I'll take a pic of those bridesmaid's dresses like I told you I would just as soon as there is some good lighting.

The sun came out for a minute, so the lighting is pretty ok for taking pics. Here are the bridesmaid dresses. Remember that they will have a little shrug/jacket over the spaghetti straps:



Here is Emily's flower girl dress. You can't see the flowers on the waist in the pics, but trust me when I say they are adorable:

I hope that the rest of your weekend is wonderful!!


  1. Emily will look adorable in that dress with her red curls!

  2. First off I love this song that is playing!

    Love Emily's dress...beautiful!!

    Kitties are adorable!

    I wish it were cool and rainy's been 105 with the heat index.

  3. I LOVE your ring!!! I've been dropping hints for a mother's ring for... gosh... 15 years or more!!! I absolutely love your idea of adding it to your wedding ring!