Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Finds for Friday

Have you ever seen flip flop socks before? I hadn't until last Saturday when I was shopping with April. They are like mittens for your feet! The store we were at had their socks 1/2 off, so I picked up a pair for each of my girls at home + myself. I bought four pairs and let Amber, Karen, and Emily choose first, so I got these. I love them! This week has been rainy and chilly, but I've still wanted to wear my sandals, so they have been just perfect!

On Wednesday I went shopping with Amber for a mother's dress for Karen and Josh's wedding. With it being an outdoor wedding in the middle of July, I wanted it to be light and flowing, rather than too formal (and hot!)with a jacket and such.

Their colors are black and white with red, so I was decided to look for a black or red dress. We went to Dillards and JCPenny. I didn't find anything at Dillards that I liked, but I found several at JCPenny. After trying them on, this was the one I liked best:

It hid my flaws the best and was cute and flowing like I wanted. It is still a pretty heavy material, not as bad as some lined suit, but it's not cotton or rayon either. There was only one in my size, so I decided to go ahead and buy it and return it if I find something that I like better. When I checked out I found that it was 50% off! Wahoo! I love a good sale! Maybe I'll keep it anyway, even if I find something I like better for the wedding.

Hopefully Amber will be up to another shopping trip on Saturday to try to find something just a little cooler (temperature wise). She is a great one to take with me because she has a good eye for what looks good and she will be honest about whether it looks good or not.

I also need to go shopping for a body shaper thingy. See, the only problem with that black dress is that you can see panty lines and my fat on the sides where my bra is. :-( I'm hoping that a body shaper will get rid of all of the problem spots. And maybe it will be more uplifting than my bra tends to be. (I am really missing my youthful body right about now! Getting older is tricky!)

I hope that you have a great weekend! If I find a dress I like better I'll be sure and show it to you!


  1. you should have shown the dress on you, not the hanger. I can attest that it (and you) look awesome!

  2. Now, those are some sexy socks!

  3. Fun socks. I haven't seen those before.
    I think you picked a great dress for the wedding.
    My husband would love the colors. That is the Georgia Bulldog colors.


  4. Check out the Unbelievabra by That will help you.

  5. Thanks, Dabney! I'd love to look how they claim I will. Have you tried them before?

  6. I've never seen socks like that!! Cute!

    Oh the dress is lovely! I can see how it will hang beautifully!!! I can't wait to see it on you!!

  7. What a great dress and on sale too!!! I'm rejoicing with you :)

  8. Those socks are like the ones in Japan for wearing their Getas--wooden shoes that have the straps like flip flops. They're usually white, though. Since moving to Florida, I haven't needed socks at all. Love it!