Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Garden Pics of the Season

Last year I posted pics of my garden every few weeks, and it was fun to go back and see its progress through pictures. So here they are: the just-starting-out garden pics.

My strawberries are bearing a ton of fruit per plant this year! I'm so excited! Bring on the cream!



my little herb garden

This is our experimental cabbage or brocolli that is going to seed. Jared wants to save the seed and plant it next year to see what comes up. If it is a pure plant it will come back just like the mama plant, if it is a hybrid it will come up different from them mama plant. With the wedding taking my time, this will be what we do for the "seed to seed" challenge. It'll be fun to see what we get.

We're off to a great start!


  1. I wish I could have a garden... I remember all your pictures of your canning last year. I was so jealous!

  2. Your garden looks great!
    I haven't tried to grow oregano.

    Those strawberry plants are looking good.


  3. It looks wonderful!!!

    I love the lavender!!!

    Oh I should have planted strawberries....yours look so good.

  4. The berries are looking gorgeous!!
    Mine are so puny.
    I'm inspired to go out to love them up today. :)