Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Aquarium

For my birthday, I wanted fish. I was going to buy a cheap fish bowl/tank, maybe 5 gallons, and get a few fish.

Steve told me to get exactly what I wanted and quit worrying about the money. So, my perfect aquarium was a 15 gallon column tank. It sits perfectly on top of the entertainment center. It is like a slice of a big aquarium, and I love it.

Then, we got (fake) plants and the gravel, as well as the necessities: bubbler, heater, & filter. We came home and set it up and let it sit for three days.

Today, we went back and got some more decorations (castle/fairy tale theme: a treasure chest bubbler with a dragon to guard it, 2 castles, a tower and a dragon to sit on top, and then, for Michael, Sponge Bob.)

We also got 7 fish. Four mollies (2 creamsicles, 1 marble, 1 gold-dust) and three platies (bumblebee, panda, gold twin-bar).

We all LOVE the aquarium! Michael thought the treasure chest bubbler was hilarious! And Steve has loved watching the fish. I love watching the two of them in addition to the aquarium itself.

It is perfect ♥

♥ Melody

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