Saturday, January 27, 2018

Happy Birthday to me!

Steve took a personal day off and we babysat Brynly during the day, so he, Michael, Brynny and I spent the day together on my birthday. Then, Amber came to pick up Bryn, Karen & Aiden, Ben, and Millie came by and we lit the candles and they all sang to me. ♥ (Matt had to work & Josh's van is broken down, so neither of them - nor the grandkiddos at Josh's - were there.)

Whenever I know that my picture is going to be taken, I get serious and posed. I love that Steve just kept flashing. The pics tell a story all by themselves, but I'll still tell you what's going on.

Posed and ready for a pic.

I noticed that a couple of candles had gone out.

Aiden is our family photo-bomber; I love having him in the pic. ♥ Most of my birthday pics have had this cute guy in them.

I realized that I didn't know what I was going to wish for... thinking....

Amber had made the comment right before that she was waiting to see how many flames there'd be to see how many boyfriends I had... they all went right out! What about Steve?!

Unposed. Loving my birthday, my life, and my family. ♥

Steve took my pics. He's getting good at this photography stuff! (Thanks, Love.)

This was a very good day.
♥ Melody


  1. Thanks for posting all the pictures, I love this! (And I love you!)