Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend - Friday / Saturday::Camping

We decided a few years back, that Labor Day Weekend would be when we'd have our family reunion - Steve & I met on September 9th, so it seemed fitting.

This year, we camped up by Koholowo in Santaquin Canyon. Not everyone could make it, but Amber, Rio, & Brynley, Jessica & Haylee, Steve, Michael, and I went up. 

Brynley in her carseat on the way to her first camping trip ever.

Amber prepared tin foil dinners for everyone ahead of time,
and Rio cooked them on his grill. 

Amber & Brynley

Bryn in her rock and play.

All of us (except Steve) around the campfire on Saturday. (Steve took the pics)

Amber & Rio was at the campsite first. They'd stopped by our house and picked up some wood in the truck. Amber had made tinfoil dinners the night before, and they took up their grill and cooked them for us. 

Jessica and Haylee got there just a little while after Steve & I did.

It was a complex ordeal to get Michael out the door on Friday (read: Melody was scraped and bled all over everyone as Michael was carried out the door & put in the van b/c he didn't want to go. Steve had to sit by him and keep him in the van while Melody drove. Michael cried all the way up the mountain, and just before we got to camp, calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the ride. This is a very hard time/stage that Michael is going through.)

Once we were there, Steve & I put up the tent, the toilet tent, and then settled in at the fire. Michael wanted to go to bed; he was freezing cold, he said. It ends up that he was sick with a fever, and we ended up driving home at 11:30 - we ended up getting to bed at 1:30 & set an alarm for 7:30 to be back in the mountains the next morning for breakfast.

Michael slept with us Friday night, which hasn't happened for a long time; he must have felt really awful! The next morning he decided to stay home with Matt, who was also sick, while Steve & I went up the mountain.

When we got there a little after 10, Amber, Jessica, & Haylee were sitting around the campfire; Rio and Brynley were asleep in the tent.
"Should I make breakfast now?" I asked. 
Amber just looked at me, "Mom, we ate hours ago."
"Hours ago?!? How long have you been up?" I asked.
"I was up at 5:30 and built up the fire," Jessica said.
Oy vey. Glad I was asleep at 5:30 in bed at that time!

So, I made the apple cobbler instead and sat around and visited. 

It turns out that Jessica and Haylee slept under the stars, making their bedding with a blanket over pine boughs. Sounds far more adventurous than I would like! 

Amber and Rio left around noon. Steve & I started cleaning up and packing up & left about 1:30 and Jessica and Haylee left when we did. 

We all had a great time. Haylee said on facebook, "Slept under the stars last night watching shooting stars on a bed of pine branches with Jessica. Best camping trip ever." 

♥ Melody

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