Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Key to resiliency::Having a support system

I just learned about the ACE test the other day. It sort of quantifies the abuse in your life before you were an adult (18). I have read about Rat Park - a study in drug abuse.
One common factor for success in life is your resiliency, and your resiliency is determined by your support system.
The ACE test: so you were abused... did you know your mother loved you? Did you know your father loved you?
Rat Park - isolated rats would ingest the drugged water more than those in rat park who could have relationships with each other and do things.
Support. Relationship. Community. Those are the important factors that aid in resilience, and resilience is what you need to bounce back from the "bad" stuff in life.
Get a support system and be a support for others.
♥ Melody

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