Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dear Jessica!

Jessica's birthday was on Thursday.
She was a good sport and went to WalMart and got a box of Jello cheesecake (her fav!), and I made it while she went to pick up some to-go lunch at The Family Tree, along with one of their BIG scones & extra honey butter. (All my treat, of course.)

We ate lunch, played chess, and hung out until Steve got home. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and had the cheesecake. After that, Steve and Jessica played chess while I went to take some Taco Bell food to Amber & see Brynley. Jessica is bummed that Brynley couldn't wait 2 more days to be born on Jessica's birthday. :)

How I love this dear daughter of mine! She brings fun, and silliness, and a touch of easy-goingness to our family, and I am so grateful she is one of mine. ♥
♥ Melody

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