Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine and me

Our Daily Prayer (adapted from the Book of Common Prayer)

Almighty God, giver of life and love, bless [Steve and me].
Grant [us] wisdom and devotion in the ordering of [our] common
life, that [we] may be to the other a strength in need, a
counselor in perplexity, a comfort in sorrow, and a companion
in joy. And so knit [our] wills together in your will and [our]
spirits in your Spirit, that we may live together in love and
peace all the days of [our] life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Steve and I have been together for 21 years. Nearly half of our lives has been spent together. Incredible!

There is an activity weaving its way through facebook for couples - I'll play along here on the blog.

Okay couples... ❤Valentine's Love Story.

Copy & Paste... Then fill in with your answers.
1. Anniversary? November 22, 1995

2. First date? Joseph Smith story at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC

3. How did you meet? Dancing at Jakes'

4. What is "your song"? we don't have one (but my song for us is "Not a Moment too Soon," by Tim McGraw)

5. Do you remember the first movie you watched together? yep (see above)

6. First road trip together? On our honeymoon - to Wyoming for Steve to meet my family

7. Do you have kid/s? Yep

8. Which of you is older? me

9. Who was interested first? he was - I thought he was 18 and to be avoided. LOL :)

10. More sensitive? equally

11. Worst temper? me

12. Funniest? both

13. More social? he is

14. More stubborn? me

15. Wakes up first? depends on the day - I wake up first, usually, but he gets up first.

16. Has the bigger family?he does

17. Eats the most? he does

18. Who said I love you first? I think he did...perhaps me? I remember him telling me, though

19. Hogs the remote? neither - he hands it to me

20. Better cook? both, but different foods

21. Hogs the bed? neither

Happy Valentine's Day, Steve! I love you!
♥ Melody

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