Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Searching for Sunday quotes::Chapter 22 "Wine"

From Searching for Sunday:
"It may be tempting to dismiss the miracle [turning water into wine] and Cana as a mere magic trick, an example of Jesus flexing his messianic muscles before getting to the real work of restoring sight to the blind and helping the paralyzed off their mats. But this is only because we have such a hard time believing that God cares about our routine realities, that God's glory resides in the stuff of everyday life, just waiting to be seen."

"God works through life, through people, and through physical, tangible, and material reality to communicate his healing presence in our lives," explains Robert E. Webber when describing the principle of sacrament. "God does not meet us outside of life in an esoteric manner. Rather, he meets us through life incidents, and particularly through the sacraments of the church. Sacrament, then is a way of encountering the mystery."

"But our God is is the business of transforming ordinary things into holy things, scraps of food into feasts and empty purification vessels into fountains of fine wine. This God knows his way around the world, so there's no need to fear, no need to withhold, no need to stake a claim. There's always enough - just taste and see. There's always and ever enough."

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