Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend::Saturday

Many, many moons ago, I decided that we should dedicate Labor Day as our family's time to get together. In past years that has meant getting together and going camping; this year, rather than just going camping, we also visited museums.

On Friday evening, Josh, Hayley, & the kids (except Miah, who stayed home with Nana KC. she was involved in a foot race that went wrong, and she had lots and lots of scrapes. :( ), Michael, Steve, and I went up into the mountains for hot dogs and marshmallows. The plan was for Josh, Hayley and the kids to sleep up there, but Jared and Ruth brought news of a bear cub sighting not too far away, so everyone came home and slept at the house.

The next day, I offered up the suggestion of going to USU Eastern's Dinosaur Museum in Price. Everyone liked the idea, so we hit the road.

Ruth, Josh, Hayley and the kids down below looking at the dinosaurs

Jared and Matt

I don't remember if it was Aiden or Teryn who really wanted to touch this skeleton - it was a representation of early man hunting a wooley mammoth (Steve is in the background)

Everyone gathered in the kids' area when they were done looking around - it was also a nice place to take the kids when they needed a break from just looking

Michael loved this dinosaur head on the wall :)

Ben really enjoyed the sand pit filled with dinosaur bones - he also loved flinging the sand and smelling the paint brush (or was he tickling his nose with it? I don't know :)

Ben and Aiden

Aiden liked playing in the sand

Teryn took uncovering the dinosaur bones very seriously and played in the sand pit for a long time. Maybe I'll get my archaeologist yet!

Josh, Hayley, Matt and Mercedes working a puzzle (and scooting on the table :) )

Teryn and Ben - Ben kept bugging Teryn when he'd want to cover the bones back up or flip sand at Teryn. Poor Teryn just wanted to dig! And Ben just wanted to have fun!

Ruth and Jared - they helped out a lot with the little ones but would occasionally go off alone to look at stuff and talk

Steve and Mike taking a rest and waiting for everyone else to be done too

Good-bye, dinosaurs! Hope to see you again soon!

Years ago, Steve & I took a drive and wound up in Price. It was then that we discovered a cute little floral shop and this cool, dinosaur museum. I've been wanting to take the kids down for a long, long while, and I'm glad that it finally worked out where we could go!

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