Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Weekend::Monday

Okay, so better late than never, right :)

Still talking about Labor Day Weekend here:

So, on Monday Steve, Matt, Michael, Emily and I hopped into our van and met up with Amber, Karen, Grover (Karen's boyfriend), Ben and Aiden. I was after a book by Lao Tzu, and I found another that I instantly fell in love with and had to have: _Buddhism Plain and Simple_. I am LOVING it!! It is understandable and written very well. I highly recommend it.

While at Barnes and Noble, we saw my Aunt Gertie, my cousin Sherry, and her daughter, Shaurelle. We stopped and visited with them for a while: Gertie had cataract surgery a little while ago. It was one of the few time I've seen her w/o her glasses on. Cataract surgery is such a miracle surgery! Shaurelle had just started college - way to go Shaurelle! And it was great to see Sherry, though I didn't find out anything new about her life. She is one of my cousins that I grew up with, spending every summer in Utah and playing with her a lot. I love those ladies!

From there we went to McDonald's because everyone was starving.

And then it was on to the Bean Museum:

Karen carrying Matt - I think Karen might weigh 95 lbs soaking wet; she is a strong lifter for sure!

I think Matt was needing to feel like a kid again or something lol This is Amber carrying him. :) (It looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago & Amber has had to build her muscles a lot to still be carrying him! He is 5'10 1/2" and 140 lbs. He's just not a little guy anymore! lol :) )

This is Shasta the Liger. There aren't many ligers in the world because continents separate lions and tigers, so Shasta is a rare breed. She used to live at Hogle Zoo, and when she died they had her taxidermied (stuffed). They kept her at Hogle Zoo for many, many years, and just on this past visit I saw that she had been moved to the Bean Museum. It was good to see her again! What a beauty she is!

This was the whole group, minus Matt and Aiden - I love the look on Karen's face lol :)

My beautiful daughter, Amber. LOL She is a goofball :)

Steve and 2 Pumbaa's :) (You can be a big pig too, Oi!)

Amber and Bentley chasing Aiden :)

And, if anyone asks me what I did on my summer vacation, I can tell them that I was shooting wolverines - same as Napoleon Dynamite :)

After the museum we went back to McDonald's and had an ice cream cone. Aiden played and the rest of us ate and visited. It was a great day! I love these people!!

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