Friday, June 20, 2014

This Moment::In Words::June 20

I don't have a picture for this week, so I'm thinking about a moment that I'd like to savor and remember for later that I will tell instead of show...

Yesterday I went to lunch with Cindy so that I could hand off the pictures I took of her niece, Kim, and her baby, Addi.

I took Michael with me, since I had already been to the chiropractor in the morning, and he doesn't like to be left behind twice in the same day.

I loved it!! I loved visiting with Cindy and talking about things that we might not have if our husbands would have been with us (her husband Matt and my husband Steve worked together a long time ago and became good friends, so Cindy and I are usually with our guys when we visit.) Not that we talked about our husbands, but you know how topics get switched up a bit when couples visit as opposed to a one on one visit.

While we visited, Michael, who is learning to eat and drink now but still has a g-tube that we supplement through, ate a biscuit and gravy and some of Cindy's fries and his entire glass of water. SUCCESS!! The eating of food didn't surprise me much, but the drinking of a full glass of water sure did! I long for the day when he gets all of his calories and liquid just from eating!

Also while we visited, Michael was patient and just listened, which is something in the past year that I have learned that he is great at! I'm so grateful that this little guy, who will forever stay my little guy, is fine with sitting still and listening to conversation and then will talk when appropriate. I was always the child that was seen and not heard, by choice not force, and I LOVED it so much and miss it now that I'm older and have to be the one to think of clever things to say - I am truly an introvert. My mom took me with her when she visited her friends, and they gave me a soda at the beginning of the visit, and I sat at the table with them and listened to conversation if it interested me or looked out the windows at the falling snow, or the fluttering of butterflies, or the flying of birds, or I would just entertain myself with my own thoughts. I loved the downtime and that no one expected me to converse much past, "How is school going for you?" Michael seems to be cut from that same cloth :)

I love that as we go through life together, he will be comfortable with me taking him with me to visit and that he doesn't get restless or bored. After raising 5 other children, I can tell you that this quality is rare, but it is and will be such a huge blessing to me!

So, envision this if you will: Cindy, Michael, and me sitting around a circular table in one of those circular booths and eating our food, talking, laughing, and connecting. That is the moment that I truly loved this week.

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