Friday, June 20, 2014

Natalie, Ryan, & kiddos::The Photoshoot::June 20

A few weeks ago, (on May 24th) I met this family at the barn to do a photoshoot. I didn't know how easy this one was going to be! The pictures seemed to edit themselves, for the most part, which says something about how photogenic this family is! It was a fun shoot - the kids were good-natured and did what they were asked to, and they are just so darn adorable :) (You can click on the pics to enlarge them so that you can see better)

Here are a few pics from the photoshoot:

Most of the edits were easy stuff, just getting the lighting and coloring just right, but occasionally there were small issues. Like on this one, where someone thought that graffiti would be a good idea. Thank heavens for photoshop :)

We took some girls/boys pics, some including Mom and Dad and some just with the kids:

Some were with the cute couple:

And then individuals of the kids:

The baby was doing really well, until he tipped over, then he needed some daddy and mommy time:

And then he was happy all by himself :)

There were a couple of pics that made me move mountains, though. And trees. And houses! If anyone goes looking for this location, they will be sad to know that it only exists in pictures.

Here is the straight out of the camera pic:

After photoshop:

Again, straight out of the camera: (There had to be some silly pics :))

And after photoshop: (silliness abounded!! :) )

Natalie & Ryan, I really enjoyed getting to know your family better! Thanks so much for letting me be your photographer!

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