Wednesday, December 18, 2013

January is my favorite holiday::December 17

I just saw a "Happy New Year" pic, and I thought of how the stores skip through all of the holidays instead of strolling along at a leisurely pace like the rest of us do. Well, there are a few who mentally skip through the holidays too (think: setting up Christmas trees before Thanksgiving ;) )Through the hustle and bustle of December, as I prepare Christmas for my family, I have realized what holiday I look forward to most: January.

Now, before you tell me that January is month, not a holiday, I'll try to convince you as to why it really is. January is quiet. Every child is back in school and my husband is back to work. During the day, the house is MINE. Well, and Michael's, but he isn't very demanding. January gets me back in balance from the hubub of the holidays. I start it out by reflecting on the past year, looking forward to the next year, and writing goals and finding a new "word" that I can chant when February starts back with the crazy busy-ness. Also during the sedate days of January, I can sew, cross stitch, or crochet (though I really need someone to explain a thing or two about technique). Basically, whatever my crafty heart desires, I do. (Crafty as in actual crafts, not deception or anything. ;) )

Yep, January is my very favorite holiday. What's yours?

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